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* Do you know what the AAAA record is?

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The AAAA record or Quad A record, has a similar purpose to the older A record. It will point a subdomain or domain to an IP address. The AAAA will specify the IP address (IPv6) for the host.

Here you can find an example of an AAAA record.

Why do AAAA records use IPv6 instead of IPv4? IPv4 is a 32bit address. It can provide over 4 billion combinations, but we are already running out of them. This is why the AAAA records and IPv6 addresses are the future. The IPv6 is 128bit address and has 1028 times more addresses available.

How to create a DNS AAAA record?

The AAAA records have superior characteristics and security, and they are going to take over the A records. They are the future!