New Synthetic Peptide Could Cure Your Cat Allergies

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New Synthetic Peptide Could Cure Your Cat Allergies

Cats are great pets to have in the house. Not only do they help discourage a large assortment of pesky rodents from moving into your home, but just having a cat in the house encourages emotional stability. Kids who are raised with cats and other household pets tend to be healthier adults and if they were tasked with caring for the cat, they’re generally more responsible than their non-cat owning cat-skin-allergies_CatAllergen peers. Since cats are more affordable and don’t require the constant care that dogs do, they’re great for an active family that’s frequently on the go.

The problem is that having a cat just isn’t possible in many households because approximately 10% of the population is allergic to cat hair or dander. Up until now, the only way to cope with these allergies was to either avoid cats altogether or to get an allergy shot and hope it worked. If you love cats but can’t be around them do to allergies, hope is on the horizon.

cat-allergiesA researcher took current peptide information and what he knew about allergies and conducted an experiment to see if it was possible to use the peptides to help overcome the allergy. The first thing he did was take blood samples from participants who were allergic to cats. He studied the blood samples until he learned exactly what aspect of the proteins in cats caused the immune system in humans to be triggered than went to work creating synthetic peptides that would give the immune system the power to basically over power the allergy.

Once he was satisfied he’d created the perfect synthetic peptide, he gave it to individuals participating in the study. After a single injection of the peptide, participants could be around cats and experienced a 40% reduction of inflammation. To get those types of results from allergy shots would have required 12 separate treatments, and even then it might not have worked. The trial included 88 participants and not a single one of them experienced a serious side effect.

This breaking research could make it possible for people with allergies to still enjoy cats without all the sneezing and sniffling. It is welcome news to pet lovers all over the world. They’ll no longer be forced to decide between their cat and loving someone with cat allergies. Individuals who suffer from cat allergies are glad a cure could be administered in as little as one shot.

As great as this peptide information is to cat lovers, it’s equally important to 55% of the population who suffer from other types of allergies such as ragweed, pollen, and bee stings. If a synthetic peptide can be created to help a person with severe cat allergies, it stands to reason that a synthetic peptide can also be created to combat other types of allergies, allowing many people to breathe freely for the first time in years. Research is still underway to explore the full potential of peptides to help allergy sufferers.4

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